Canterbury and Roland Sanitary Relief

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As part of a long-term effort to reduce basement backups, sewer overflows, and to improve creek bank stabilization, MSD Project Clear is designing a project to replace approximately 1,682 feet of sewer and stabilizing approximately 680 feet of a natural creek in the Cities of Pasadena Hills and Northwoods. The project is estimated to begin construction in the Spring of 2022.

Why is this project being designed?

As part of their evaluation, our team of engineers determined that the sewer in this neighborhood is undersized and in need of repairs. During intense rainfall, the sewers become overloaded leading to basement backups. Additionally, MSD staff found that creek erosion was endangering private property.

What is the goal of this project?

MSD Project Clear is investing $1.7 million to design and construct this project to increase the size and depth of the existing sewer and provide natural channel stabilization.

Project Facts

  • Construction is estimated to begin as early as Spring 2022
  • MSD Project Clear will replace approximately 1,682 feet of wastewater pipe
  • The pipe size will increase to between 8 and 15-inches in diameter allowing a larger amount of wastewater to flow through the system.
  • Stabilizing 680 feet of natural creek bank.

What can residents expect?

Though construction for this project is not estimated to begin until at least Spring of 2022, it is important to be prepared for what to expect. In the Summer of 2020, residents whose property will need to be accessed to construct the project will be contacted in order to obtain necessary easements.

With any type of construction, residents can expect to see and hear heavy equipment during the sewer excavation process. 

After all new sewer pipes are installed, the contractor will restore the construction site according to all local and District requirements. This could include sodding any disturbed areas, replacing disturbed pavement, reinstalling fences, etc.

At least one MSD Inspector will be on site part of the day for every day the contractor is working.

What is the timeline?

This is the current tentative project schedule. This is subject to change based on a variety of factors including weather.

  • Complete Project Design: Winter 2020
  • Easement acquisition completion: Fall 2021
  • Estimated construction start: Early as Spring 2022
  • Estimated project duration: 1-1.5 years

Canterbury to Roland Sanitary Relief Virtual Town Hall - November 17, 2021